Tall Tales of Christmas Trees

The Christmas Tree: An everlasting symbol known to millions around the world. Elegance, simplicity, and fulfilling fragrance are embodied in a produce that may be found in your back yard or in a close by forest preservation.  Why is it at this time of the year, people all around the world search for that perfect Fraser fir or stuff that slightly too tall pine into their family room?  From where does the Christmas tree craze stem?

For the historically curious, long, long ago (before the stabilization of Christianity) green plants were significant during the winter season.  Families protected their households from unwanted ghosts, illness, and witches by decorating them with evergreens like pine and spruce.

During the winter season, as many know, the days become shorter and the nights longer.  Many different cultures like the Egyptians, Romans, and the Vikings used to believe that there sun god was ill once this occurred.  The solstice, the shortest day of the year, occurring December 21 and 22, was a marking point for these cultures and symbolized that the sun god would soon get well.  As a result, they decorated their house with boughs of evergreen, to remind them of the green plants and produce that is to come along with the health of the sun god.

The beloved symbol of the Christmas tree began with the Germans in the 16th century.  Devoted Christians brought and decorated Christmas trees into their homes.  Martin Luther, 16th century Protestant reformer, is first known to decorate the Christmas tree with lighted candles.

Interestingly, throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, most Americans saw the beloved Christmas tree as a pagan symbol. It was not until in 1846 when Queen Victoria and her family were pictured by a Christmas tree the trend became popular worldwide.  The Christmas tree craze was in full swing by the late 19th century.  Enthusiasm heightened as ornaments were imported from Germany, and the Christmas tree’s height reached from the floor to the ceiling.  In addition, different types of decorations like homemade ornaments, berries, nuts, and popcorn became popular fashions.  Lastly, due to the great progress of electrical engineering, electrical lights became a popular feature, and allowed for the Christmas trees to shine brightly in homes, town squares, and cities.

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Ne’qwa Art Ornaments to Decorate your Christmas Tree

The Christmas season has many exciting facets: snow, Christmas trees, decorations, lights, and, of course, ornaments.  Every household has a certain style or manner in which they decorate their beautiful and fresh Christmas tree.  Whatever your style or preference, The Christmas Tree Company is proud to present one of its new products: Ne’Qwa Art Ornaments.

Not only are Ne’Qwa Art TM Ornaments stylish and portray several different Christmas scenes and symbols, but the product is unique and holds historical significance .  The word Ne’Qwa, in Chinese, means “hand painting on the inside of glass.”  This Chinese tradition began several hundred years ago when Chinese artists began to practice reverse painting on the inside of snuff glass bottles.  The artwork began to become a prized possession and was collected by art connoiseurs and emperors.

Today, at a studio in China, trained artisans reproduce the artwork of North American and English artists.  The art work is painted on the inside of glass ornaments, with brushes that are specifically made for each ornament.  Every painting is intricate and can be completed within several hours or maybe several days.  Once the art work is complete, it is lavishly packed in a red velvet box, and sent to your home.

Enjoy this holiday season even more not only with a stunning, fresh Christmas tree from The Christmas Tree Company, but with charming Ne’Qwa Art Ornaments to continue the Christmas spirit and brighten your home.

Saving the Environment One Christmas Tree at a Time…

One would naturally believe that when a tree is cut down the environment is affected negatively.  However, the decorative Christmas tree that’s placed in your house throughout the holiday season has a very positive effect on the environment.  The environment is supported by Christmas trees from the moment they are planted until they are recycled.  The Christmas Tree Company is in full support of a healthy environment, this holiday season join the cause by investing in a real Christmas tree!

1. Christmas trees produce oxygen to support life.  Trees absorb excessive carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in order to produce oxygen.  One acre of planted Christmas trees supports 18 people with oxygen.

2. Farms that grow Christmas trees stabilize soil, protect water supplies, and provides a refuge for wildlife. In addition, Christmas tree soil is reusable.  One or two more Christmas trees can be replanted in that soil.

3. Christmas trees are recyclable.  Branches and trunks are biodegradable and can be made as mulch for a garden.  If a Christmas tree is placed in the backyard, it can be used as an effective bird feeder or shelter for wild animals during the winter.  In addition, large quantities make effective barriers on beaches to prevent soil erosion.  Lastly, if a Christmas tree is sunk into a pond, it can make a great refuge or feeding area for fish.

Important Note: Artificial trees are made from oil-based products that use up our natural resources.  They are not recyclable and can remain in a landfill for years.

Make this holiday season more worthwhile as you buy a beautiful Christmas tree for your home, and participate in the cause to protect the environment!

How to Add More Christmas Spirit to your Home

As the Christmas Season approaches, it comes to light that there are other decorations  that can fill your home with Christmas spirit.  Memories of Christmas are built upon other symbols and significant decorations.  Scented wreaths, garland, and decorative center pieces are designs that can brighten your spirits and holiday.

Two examples of wreaths that can create a fresh aroma inside and outside of your home are designed with Natural Fraser Fir or White Pine.  Both wreaths are constructed of rich greenery, emulate a fresh aroma, and are accented with a red bow or pine cones.  Both pieces are elegant features that are widely known symbols of Christmas.

In addition to welcoming wreaths, The Christmas Tree Company offers decorative garland and unique center pieces.  Natural, hand-crafted garland, made of various greenery – Fraser fir, white pine, etc. – create an exquisite design for the home when it’s wrapped around a stairwell or fireplace mantel.  To create more charm and Christmas accents in your home, green center pieces are wonderful designs.  For example, greenery arranged in a woven basket with accents of berries, capture the natural essence of Christmas.

The symbols of Christmas have a different meaning to everyone.  Whatever decoration or emblem holds more significance, The Christmas Tree Company holds stunning Christmas goods for every home, and with every hand-made, natural product comes the enhancement and joy of the Christmas season.

Christmas Tree Dave!

When you are confused, lost and looking for the perfect Christmas Tree…Who you Gonna Call? Christmas Tree Dave!

Imagine the fresh aroma of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains arriving at your door step. Having a freshly harvested Fraser fir Christmas tree simply appear at your front door is an exciting and pleasant experience for the online Christmas tree shopper. Very few delivered packages command this level of anticipation. The children, decorations and tree trimming festivities await the guest of honor. As the delivery truck rounds the corner – children are often plastered to the window pane or have set camp in the foyer. With one ring of the door bell the Rock Star of Christmas has arrived. The Mountain air now descends from the carton filling your home with the Holiday Spirit.  If you listen closely, you can almost hear Bing Crosby’s voice singing another rendition of “White Christmas”.

Selecting the perfect tree can be a daunting task best left to the experts.  Our customers who call will often specifically ask for “Christmas Tree Dave” as his extensive knowledge of Christmas trees is comparable to Santa’s knowledge of his Reindeer and gifts!  One thing is for certain; when Christmas tree Dave isn’t hiking up the endless rows of evergreens, he is on the phone navigating the perfect Christmas tree for families all over the country. Being such an important part of so many families Christmas tree traditions brings not only great joy to Christmas Tree Dave but to all of us on the frosty front lines.  Dave’s Christmas tree stories string together like popcorn around an evergreen.   Let’s break out the cider and swap a few good ones!

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Every year we highly anticipate the joy of picking out a new Christmas Tree.  We picture our perfect tree to have the perfect green branches that are strong enough to hold our heavy, beautiful ornaments.  But, our tree also compliments any elementary, home-made decorations.  We want our perfect Christmas Tree to be able to bring out the beauty in various kinds of Christmas lights (white, colorful, bubble, delicate, etc.).  Our tree also needs to be stable enough to support any garland and tinsel that we delicately (or playfully) placed on the tree.  Our perfect Christmas Tree also needs to fill the house with that wonderful scent that you cannot help but to smile.  The Christmas Tree is usually placed in a central location in the house/apartment.  We discreetly place our Christmas Tree in its prime location because we want to make sure that not only is it visible to us at all times, but so we can also proudly share its beauty with our friends and neighbors.

But, how do we pick out our perfect Christmas Tree?  How do we know which tree is going to be perfect for our home?  The Christmas Tree Company will give you a short lesson in buying the perfect Christmas Tree for you!  Trust us, it’s never too early to start thinking about the Holiday Season!

When selecting your perfect Christmas Tree there are a few things that you should remember.  Earlier, we mentioned the perfect spot to display your Christmas Tree.  Knowing where you are going to exactly place your tree, you should be able to determine the height of the tree!  You should select a tree that will be perfect for your room. Cutting off large portions from either end of the tree will alter the natural taper of the tree.

Next, freshness is an important key when selecting your tree.  The needles should be resilient, but not brittle. When you run your fingers down a branch; you should feel that the needles will be adhere to the branch.  Also, shake or bounce the tree on the ground lightly to see the needles are firmly attached. If only a few drop off, the tree is fresh and with proper care should retain  its freshness indoors throughout the Holiday Season!

Obviously, the trees should be strong enough to hold ornaments and strings of electric lights.  The tree should also have a strong wonderful fragrance as well as a good, deep green color.

Some of this information might be a review, but it is always good to refresh our memory!  The Christmas Tree Company wants to help you enjoy your perfect Christmas Tree and your Holiday Season!